About us

Improved treatments through novel drug delivery technology

About us

Synartro AB

Synartro is a Swedish life science company developing local injection treatments to provide superior and sustained efficacy without systemic side-effects. This is achieved by chemically binding existing proven drugs to the base compound in our novel local injection technology.

Our lead program focuses on a novel therapy using our compound SYN321 for the treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis (OA). This disease leaves up to 50% of patients without adequate pain relief.


Bengt Lindqvist, part of the team behind the hyaluronic acid substance Healon from Pharmacia, is one of the inventors of our patented hyaluronan-based local injection technology. After the initial discovery, he teamed up with other skilled chemists to commence development of the compound SYN321, where diclofenac is linked to the technology platform. In 2013, an animal study showed that SYN321 provided a sustained release of diclofenac in horse joints, without observed side effects.

In 2020, a US patent was granted for the local injection platform and drug candidate SYN321. Since then, development activities have intensified.