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Unmet needs

There is currently a major demand for osteoarthritis treatments with improved safety and efficacy profiles within the medical community as well as a strong desire to avoid surgery and opioids. The increasing interest in intraarticular combinations offering these benefits is making the SYN321 a great candidate for future treatments.

Our solution

SYN321 has shown beneficial properties with a favorable side effect profile and potential for long-term pain relief in animal studies. The novel combination therapy of SYN321 could provide patients the ability to live an active life again. A patent has been approved for the unique binding between diclofenac and hyaluronan in SYN321, which offers several competitive advantages including a better side-effect profile compared to competing injectables, opioids, oral diclofenac and other NSAIDs.


There is a clear trend towards injection treatments instead of opioids and NSAIDs due to their side effects. Injections with longer duration are gaining market share. The number of treated osteoarthritis patients are growing with the aging society and an increasingly overweight population.  


The annual market opportunity for SYN321 is estimated between $324M – $700M looking solely at the seven major markets: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, and the US. Synartro’s current focus is on Europe and the US. The market is expected to grow with a need for better treatments.